Winner of NAGC's 2007 award: "Supporting Gifts and Talents - Most Important Book"


"This guide is grounded in rich seams of experience, with parents and former counsellors from NAGC taking us through the myths and realities of giftedness. It is a truly family offering, with encouragement for parents and professionals but, most importantly, for the gifted child herself." Dr Stephen Tommis, Director, National Association for Gifted Children (UK).

"A useful practical and well written informative book" Reviewed in 2006 for the National Association for Gifted Children (UK)

"very useful, particularly sections which gave practical advice about helpful ways in which to talk to gifted children about their abilities and frustrations." Reviewed again in 2009 for the National Association for Gifted Children (UK)

"Gifted Children is a beautifully crafted book, full of human warmth . . . This book will enrich the lives of all that come across it and, as a result, is an invaluable resource for parents and schools." Reviewed for ChildrenNow magazine by Marcelo Staricoff, deputy head teacher, St Bartholomew's CE Primary School.

"Parents of gifted children, I am sure, will find this book reassuring and instructive, as it looks at 'giftedness' from so many different perspectives." Reviewed for CAMBRIDGE (The Magazine of the Cambridge Society) by Maley Lloyd, St John's College School.

"Although parents are the major focus of this book, professionals, as the title indicates, have much to gain from reading it if seeking to understand and meet the needs, especially the emotional needs, of gifted children and their parents." Reviewed in Educational Review 60 (1).

"Insightful, encouraging and indispensable." Reviewed by Kirkus Reports.

"Written clearly and concisely . . . Recommended for all public libraries." Reviewed by Library Journal.

"Gifted Children is a welcome source of information for gifted children, their families and professionals; and fills a gap in literature that explains what it's like to be gifted, what gifted really means, how to support these children and their families and issues they may face." Reviewed for by Michelle Apthorpe, approved adoptive parent and social worker.

"offers parents an accessible account of what giftedness may mean for their child and what schools can do to support them." Reviewed by G&T WISE .

"This is an excellent, book, clearly written and would be an extremely informative resource to refer to for anyone wanting an insight into the lives of gifted children." Reviewed by the National Childminding Association.

"offers a wealth of constructive advice." Reviewed in Book News.

"I found this book very comforting to read" Reviewed by Education Otherwise.

"I think parents of gifted children would find it highly supportive and informative, particularly the contacts it offers with
other organizations. Professionals working to support families would also find it helpful as an introductory text." Reviewed by Alison Bray (Warwickshire Educational Psychology Services, UK) for The British Journal of Educational Psychology.

"This is a great overview of all the social, emotional, intellectual issues that seem to so often come with giftedness." Reviewed for Ontario Gifted by Emily.


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