About the Authors

This book has been written by a group of people who previously worked together for many years as volunteer counsellors for the National Association for Gifted Children in the UK.

Peter Carter was an NAGC counsellor from 1994 until the Service closed in 2005. Peter is a Registered General Nurse and Registered Mental Nurse, and the father of three children. He has acquired a specialist knowledge of Asperger Syndrome as it affects the gifted, through his efforts to understand his gifted son who was also (eventually) diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome. Peter served as an NAGC Branch Chairman for five years.

Barbara Conchie was the Manager of NAGC's Counselling Service from 1994 to 2002; her background is in education. None of this book would have been written without Barbara, and indeed the NAGC's Counselling Service would not have developed into the close-knit, caring and professional group that it was if Barbara's firm but gentle guiding hand had not been on the tiller. Under her leadership, the Service in 1997 took part in the pilot study for the United Kingdom Register of Counsellors, the national system of self-regulation for the counselling profession. After a very stringent process, the NAGC's Counselling Service became only the twelfth organization to become a Registered Sponsoring Organization (i.e. listed in the UKRC).

Crystal Dickinson is the mother of three differently gifted children, all diagnosed as dyslexic although none is related to the others (one born, two adopted in infancy). She has been a local authority social worker, before training as a counsellor with the National Marriage Guidance Council (now Relate). She was an NAGC counsellor from 1997 to 2001 and now works with detained asylum seekers.

Kate Distin was an NAGC counsellor from 1996 to 2002. She is a Cambridge graduate with a PhD from Sheffield University, and has a background in teaching. Kate's other publications include The Selfish Meme (Cambridge University Press 2005) and Cultural Evolution (Cambridge University Press 2010).

Susan Divecha was an NAGC Counsellor from 1984 to 2002 and an active member of NAGC Scotland for many years. Susan's background is in Information and Resources for Education, and she is also the mother of gifted children.

Susan Gomme was a founder member of the NAGC Counselling Service, serving from 1977 to 2002, during which time she was also active at Branch, Regional and National level in NAGC, including nine years' service as Chairman of the NAGC's Board of Trustees. A Cambridge graduate with a background in teaching, Susan has also seen her four gifted children through school, university and postgraduate qualifications. She has been an invited speaker at two world conferences on gifted children, as well as at universities and colleges, and was a keynote speaker at the joint NAGC/NASEN/NACE conference in 1997. Susan has contributed several articles on counselling to Looking to their Future, and is the author of The Role of the Family in Michael J. Stopper (ed.) Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted and Talented Children (David Fulton, 2000).

The late Michal Hambourg was a distinguished pianist and Honorary Fellow of Trinity College of Music, who had for many years been the NAGC's Music Counsellor. She was the daughter of the pianist Mark Hambourg and, as an international concert artiste, Michal had appeared at the Proms and during the war at National Gallery recitals, as well as on the BBC as soloist and in radio dramas.

May Mackay was a founder member of the NAGC Counselling Service, serving as a counsellor from 1977 to 2002 and as Counselling Co-ordinator on the Board of Trustees for several years. She is the mother of gifted children, and from her experience of running a nursery she brings a knowledge of pre-school giftedness to our book.

The late Barbara Sanders was an NAGC Counsellor from 1995 to 2002. Barbara had a background in teaching, was the mother of a gifted child and was also a member of the Telephone Helpline Service for ovarian cancer sufferers.

Catherine Shaw was an NAGC Counsellor from 1997 to 2001 and is the mother of a gifted child. She is an Interpersonal Communication Skills Teacher, Assertiveness Trainer and Community Mediator.

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