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Adderholdt, Miriam and Goldberg, Jan (1999) "What's bad about being too good?" Free Spirit Publishing. ISBN 1575420627.

Explains the differences between healthy ambition and unhealthy perfectionism and gives strategies for getting out of the perfectionism trap. Gives adults insight into how their behaviour and expectations can contribute to perfectionism in teens they parent and teach.

Axline, Virginia (1990) "Dibs in search of self". Gardners Books. ISBN 014013459X.

Through psychotherapy and love, the brilliant trapped lonely child was released by himself.

Galbraith, Judy (1999) "The gifted kids' survival guide: for ages 10 and under". Free Spirit Publishing. ISBN 1575420538.
An introduction to growing up gifted. Based on surveys of hundreds of gifted kids, it includes first-person advice from boys and girls.

Galbraith, Judy (2000) "You know your child is gifted when . . . A beginner's guide to life on the bright side". Free Spirit Publishing. ISBN 1575420767.

Light-hearted, illustrated introduction to life with a gifted child.

Goleman, David (2005) "Emotional intelligence". Tenth anniversary edition: Bantam Books. ISBN 055338371X.

Explains how the rational and emotional work together to shape intelligence and why empathy, self-awareness and self-discipline are essential to success and positive human interaction.

Greenspon, Thomas S. (2001) "Freeing our families from perfectionism". Free Spirit Publishing. ISBN 1575421038.

Perfectionism is about believing that if we can just do something perfectly, other people will love and accept us - and if we can't, we'll never be good enough. This book explains perfectionism, where it comes from (including influences outside the family), and what to do about it.

Leyden, Susan (2002) "Supporting the child of exceptional ability at home and school". Third edition: David Fulton. ISBN 1853468789.

Overview of issues that arise at different ages, with practical guidance and specific examples.

Lowe, Gordon (1972) "The growth of personality: from infancy to old age". Penguin. ISBN 0140136770.

Outlines how personality may be expected to develop from infancy through to old age.

Miller, Alice (1996) "The drama of the gifted child: the search for the true self". Basic Books. ISBN 0465016901.

Reclaiming life by discovering own crucial needs and own truth.

Pomerantz, Michael and Pomerantz, Kathryn Anne (2002) "Listening to able underachievers: creating opportunities for change". NACE/Fulton. ISBN 1853469734.

The authors, a university lecturer in educational psychology and an educational psychologist, based this book on interviews with secondary school pupils. Contents include developing relationships with peers, parents and siblings and responding to personal and emotional needs.

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