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Apter, Terri (1998) "The confident child: raising children to believe in themselves". Bantam. ISBN 0553379860.

How to raise a child to solve problems, to be socially active, manage emotion and express feelings appropriately.

Bowlby, John (1983) "Attachment". Basic Books. ISBN 0465005438.

First volume of Attachment and Loss series with two new chapters and revisions to incorporate major developments in theory and empirical research.

Bowlby, John (1990) "Secure base: parent-child attachment and healthy human development". Basic Books. ISBN 0465075975.

Explores the nature of early parental bonds and offers evidence of how strong emotional ties promote mental health.

Faber, Adele and Mazlish, Elaine (1998) "Siblings without rivalry". Tenth edition: HarperCollins. ISBN 0380799006.

Positive approach with suggestions that parents can use.

Greene, Ross W. (2005) "The explosive child: a new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children". HarperCollins. ISBN 0060931027.

Therapist offers parents skills to defuse explosive situations to lower tension and hostility levels.

Skynner, Robin and Cleese, John (1993) "Families and how to survive them". Cedar Books. ISBN 0749314109.

Using family therapy model the authors show how understanding can be developed in family relationships.

Teare, Barrie (2004) "Parent and carers guide for able and talented children". Network Educational Press. ISBN 1855391287.

Comprises three sections: effective communication with school, developing skills and recommended fiction.

Walker, Sally Yahnke (2002) "The survival guide for parents of gifted kids: how to understand, live with, and stick up for your gifted child". Free Spirit Publishing. ISBN 1575421119.

Explores what giftedness is (and isn't), what makes gifted kids so special, how kids are identified as gifted, and why some kids fall through the cracks during the identification process. Includes practical tips for living with a gifted child.

Webb, James T. and Meckstroth, Elizabeth A. and Tolan, Stephanie S. (1994) "Guiding the gifted child: a practical source for parents and teachers". Gifted Psychology Press. ISBN 0910707006.

Topics include motivation, stress management, depression and relationships.

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