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Ashworth, Sherry (2002) "Disconnected". CollinsFlamingo. ISBN 0007120451.

Novel raises important questions about growing up gifted and pressured in an educational system with emphasis on examinations.

Delisle, Jim and Galbraith, Judy (2002) "When gifted kids don't have all the answers: how to meet their social and emotional needs". Free Spirit Publishing. ISBN 1575421070.

Offers practical suggestions for encouraging social and emotional growth among gifted, talented and creative children and youth. Includes first-person stories, easy-to-use strategies, classroom-tested activities, and resources for helping gifted students.

Delisle, Jim and Lewis, Barbara A. (2003) "The survival guide for teachers of gifted kids: how to plan, manage and evaluate programmes for gifted youth K-12". Free Spirit Publishing. ISBN 157542116X.

Two veteran educators of the gifted give teachers information, advice, and encouragement. Includes reproducible handout masters.

Leyden, Susan (2002) "Supporting the child of exceptional ability at home and school". 3rd edition: David Fulton. ISBN 1853468789.

Overview of issues that arise at different ages with practical guidance and specific examples.

Pomerantz, Michael and Pomerantz, Kathryn Anne (2002) "Listening to able underachievers: creating opportunities for change". NACE/David Fulton. ISBN 1853469734.

Based on discussion with secondary school pupils the contents include teachers communicating with able underachieves, thinking and learning for these pupils.

Porter, Louise (2005) "Gifted young children: a guide for parents and teachers". Open University Press. ISBN 0335205526.

Shows how to identify gifted children aged 0 to 8 years and how to challenge them without pushing too hard. Suggests strategies for ensuring their emotional and social adjustment, assesses strategies for educating gifted young children, and addresses issues faced by immigrant families.

Stopper, Michael J. (ed.) (2000) "Meeting the social and emotional needs of gifted and talented children". David Fulton Publishers. ISBN 185346645X.

Topics include curriculum development; extension and enrichment programmes; the role of the family.

Teare, Barrie (2004) "Parent and carers guide for able and talented children". Network Educational Press. ISBN 1855391287.

Comprises three sections: effective communication with school, developing skills and recommended fiction.

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